Music Monday CharlieRed with Green Greed

Posted on December 23, 2013 by Al Gebra

We just copped that Muse. from Charliered and this song has been on repeat all weekend. Listening to it makes me unleash my inner Jimi Hendrix. Next thing I know I'm jumpin around and kickin shit. Right when the song goes off, I come back to my senses and pick that shit up. Rocki Evans has that D'angelo soul sound with a touch of James Brown in him. He definately makes you feel what he's singing about. And Cobaine Ivory killin the boards with that Soul Rock, keeps you with the stank face and your neck jerkin.

This video was Directed by Govales, who painted a vivid picture for the viewers by making Uncle Sam the Pimp, with Hope and Dreams as his hoes, and who doesn't chase Hope and Dreams? With The Almighty Dollar seeming like the best way to get them, some people put the paper over all. Enjoy the visuals from CharlieRed.

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