Everybody Is A Star

Posted on April 24, 2014 by Al Gebra


So these last couple of weeks we've been glued to the screen watching "Cosmos" and every time I watch it, my mind is blown away by some fact or example they show. If you haven't seen any of these episodes you are missing out on some real knowledge. The cool thing about the show is that it is written for a younger audience, but the details and concepts that they are serving up are far from elementary, touching on subjects from the size of the Universe to a ship ride into an atom. It is done with so much attention to detail and no corners were cut. This shit is so dope that I'll prahly end up making a purchase off Amazon and have it droned to my house. The above video Neil is breaking down how we are all made of the same elements that are in the rest of the Universe, which brings new meaning to everybody is a STAR.

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