Reggie Watts The Creative Genius

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Al Gebra

He comes from Outer Space is the only logical explanation we can come up with when watching Reggie Watts. I can't even imagine all of the sounds and ideas that grow in his head. After watching this a couple times we still can't figure out what his real voice sounds like. As far as what he is talking about, only bits and pieces make since to me. But after reading a couple comments between amazement and bewilderment, there was one comment from some guy named David Gardner that summed it up pretty well.

"He conveys meaning through meaningless jabber by deconstructing semantics and linguistics in a senselessly satirical fashion. He created a paradox in which interpreting his work is pointless because that's what the point is. Anyone analyzing his performance will simultaneously feel stupid for doing so because they're essentially trying to make an objective review of his subjective "modern art". All of your comments are invalid because Reggie Watts made them so, no exceptions."

Keep doin ya thing Reggie!



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