Allow us to reintroduce ourselves...

Posted on August 29, 2013 by Al Gebra

Location: Los Angeles by way of Las Vegas


Noun |maTH-adikts|

Slogan: Do Your Math!

Mission Statement: Thought Provoking Clothing

Who or what is a MathAddict? A person that is analytical, forward-thinking, and overall up on Game.  

In the first design I wrote "MATHADDICTS" in all caps 4 times in each direction, lining up the "H" in math with the "I" in addicts. They lined up perfectly to make a pound sign! No matter which way I looked at the design, it read correctly. I thought that this couldn't be an accident and from that day forward I decided I had a clothing line. That was the Summer of 04, waaaay before the hashtag craze.

First Design:


The face of MATHADDICTS "AL Gebra":


Meaning of Logo: Being attracted to symbolism and reason, I developed our main logo who is named "AL Gebra". He is composed of a less than "<" and a greater than ">" symbol for ears, which represents that your greatest tool is between your ears. Two brackets "[    ]" make his head. There are two pound signs for his eyes separated by a decimal point "#.#" because I see things in numbers. Last but not least is a parenthesis on its side, because there is always a reason to smile. The result is a simple character that is symmetrical and symbolizes our brand.  


Past Designs (i.e Shit that you've missed): 

The "I Fu<ks With The Old..." Collection


We made The Source Magazine ------------------------------------------------Here

In the next post, we introduce our Fall 2013 line...


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