Posted on October 16, 2013 by QT Pi

We discovered Collections + Volumes and the mastermind behind it via Instagram. We instantly identified Miami blogger D'ana as an ArithmaChic, even if she didn't know it yet...

C+V is a fashion/lifestyle blog where you can find outfit ideas, poetry and honest accounts of the life of a creative. We dig D'ana's style; it oozes with creativity while looking effortless. On top of that, you can get a feel for her personality all throughout her blog and her IG  (our "Kindness ≠ Weakness" t-shirt is just one of the pieces that felt perfect for D'ana). This girl is doing her thing and inspiring others to do the same and that's something we dig here at ArithmaChic. 

A special shout out to D'ana and her photographer, Leenie, for this shoot featuring our "Assets crop top". Check out more images from the shoot below.


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