Help With The Univeral Question

Posted on May 09, 2014 by Al Gebra

I know that we've all been there at one time or another. It gets about 9:30 pm and your stomach gets to talking to you and it hits you. What the fu<k am I gonna eat? Well we don't have the answer but we found a site that can give you some suggestions, properly named It's fu<kin simple, it takes your location and makes suggestions. If you don't food but want a beverage it does that too. So next time that question arises and you have no clue hit their fu<kin site.

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Why Didn't I Think of That Shit!?

Posted on April 25, 2014 by Al Gebra

The Rekindle from Benjamin Shine melts into another reusable candle. Dumb Smart <[#.#]>

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Everybody Is A Star

Posted on April 24, 2014 by Al Gebra


So these last couple of weeks we've been glued to the screen watching "Cosmos" and every time I watch it, my mind is blown away by some fact or example they show. If you haven't seen any of these episodes you are missing out on some real knowledge. The cool thing about the show is that it is written for a younger audience, but the details and concepts that they are serving up are far from elementary, touching on subjects from the size of the Universe to a ship ride into an atom. It is done with so much attention to detail and no corners were cut. This shit is so dope that I'll prahly end up making a purchase off Amazon and have it droned to my house. The above video Neil is breaking down how we are all made of the same elements that are in the rest of the Universe, which brings new meaning to everybody is a STAR.

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What We've Been Bangin'

Posted on March 02, 2014 by Al Gebra

The last 2 weeks we have been BANGIN' the latest release from Curren$y Drive In Theatre". He has some of the best beat selection that perfectly fits his style well. Tracks like "Stolen", produced by Theolonious Martin,  puts you in the zone. It is easy listening music, but there are still the get money anthems like "$ Migraine" and my personal favorite "10 G's. If those songs don't make you want to get up, get out, and get something, I don't know what will. You can stream and listen below, or you can download right ----> HERE. Job well done by Hot Spitta. 

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1 2 3's and M.O.P.'s

Posted on February 21, 2014 by Al Gebra

Raising Young G's

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Our Boy Pierre Jackson Sets D League Scoring Record With 58 Points

Posted on February 08, 2014 by Al Gebra


Our Boy Pierre Jackson went off the other day for 58 points and set the D League scoring record. He went 24-33 from the field shooting 72.7%. In other words he was zoning' out. PJ has been on a tear in his rookie season, by leading the D League with 30.8 points and 6.2 dimes per game. His game has been compared to Nate Robinson's because the have similar build and both can jump out the gym. I believe that he has a better feel for the game, as far as recognizing tempo and getting the right person the ball in a area they can score.

He has had a quite a journey in his short time as a pro, he was drafted 42nd by the 76ers, then quickly traded to the New Orleans Pelicans. Unfortunately the Pels are point guard heavy, so PJ went to France for a quick stint. Now he is back in the states and KILLIN' up in Idaho. PJ is from the good Ol' Eastside of Las Vegas, so you know we are fu<kin with em. I know there are a couple teams that could use a nice pg… (cough cough Lakers cough), but the Pels own his rights, so until they move him or something, he is just gonna keep killin the D League. 

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The Reason For The Season: SNL Black History Month Skit

Posted on February 08, 2014 by Al Gebra


Nuff Said.

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